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That line connects his new EP, First Daze of Winter, with its predecessor, the superb Last Daze of Summer from 2016; it also name-checks this project’s title. Most important, it links both EPs emotionally.

That earlier album was intended for partying, yet on two songs—‘Lost in the World’ and ‘Let me Know’—Berry showed he has time for contemplation, if only contemplation of the romantic kind. The new project continues Maleek’s dance-melancholy project.

Taken together, the Summer and Winter EPs elect Maleek Berry as a sort of prodigal son of an unlikely union between Asa and Wizkid.

Like Wizkid, his melodies and beats compels the idle listener to the dancefloor, but listen closely and save for such songs as ‘Kontrol’ and ‘Eko Miami’ and ‘Sisi Maria’ from the new project, he isn’t super-friendly with lust or liquor. And while he isn’t as delicately sober as Asa, Maleek Berry is quite adept at conveying longing and thwarted romance. Four songs of his new set of six give off vibes of less than blissful love. It is one of these songs— the trap-music influenced ‘What If’—that contains the line “Now my winters are colder”.

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Laurel Okpara Feb 13, 2018